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There is More to Life Than
Your 9 to 5 

Are You Ready to Find It?

I work with ambitious and driven women who are ready to take action and start generating income in their side hustle so they can finally leave their 9 to 5.

Amy Coats - Two Week Notice Society.

I'm Amy Coats

I'm an entrepreneur, Corporate Exit Strategist, CFO, and founder of Virtual COO Solutions. After 20 years in the corporate 9 to 5 world, I realized that I no longer liked what I was doing, who I was working with, and who I was working for. 

I now help women go from tired and frustrated with lackluster results to confidently handing in their two week notice because they’ve replaced and/or exceeded their salary with an online business.


40+ Hours a Week is Too Long to Be Miserable.

We Can Change That.

How to Set Yourself Free - Amy Coats, Two Week Notice Society. 

How to set yourself free

Corporate 9 to 5 careers are not for everyone.

For some, they work for a period of time until they reach the point where fulfillment and independence becomes a bottled up dream.

Most women who realize they are unhappy in their 9 to 5 do one of two things. Some will simply settle and accept being unhappy for the next 30 years of their life.

But what kind of a life is that?

Others will try to do something about it but end up grasping at straws, making rash decisions, or following mediocre plans that only disappoint and disillusion.

A bad plan leads to bad results.

A good plan? A good decision? They lead to a proven path that leads you exactly where you want to be so that you can:

  • Create freedom in your life again.
  • Create unlimited earning potential.
  • Do work you are passionate about.
  • Wake up with excitement each and every day.
  • Be proud of yourself for following your dreams.
  • Be happy and fulfilled every single day.

I created a strategy for myself that allowed me to go from 9 to 5 misery to creating multiple successful online businesses which quickly replaced and surpassed my 9 to 5 income. Now I share my strategies with my clients so they can tap into their potential and live their lives to the fullest. 

There’s another way to live - a better way.

You deserve to be happy.




Mildred | Redefining Success

I was new to the online business coaching world...but had BIG dreams. I struggled with narrowing down my ideal client and knowing what my area of focus would be.

I am most proud of that I accomplished: from my first freebie; to my first landing page and most of all the fact that I am now launching my first ever FB Challenge. Thanks for your patience and guidance Amy :)

I am so proud of all my first encounters! One other 'first' I'm proud of is that Amy was my first ever Business Coach. Though I had to get over my many fears and reservations of having a coach. I felt a true connection from my first encounter with Amy as a Featured Guest in a FB Group. I'm proud to say I'm on the right path to accomplishing my goal of ditching my 9-to-5 in the near future. I enjoyed all our sessions together and I'll forever be grateful for your guidance input, as it has set me on a sure path to my coaching success! :)


You are not your 9-to-5. It’s time to break free