The Actions You Need To Take In Your Business To Guarantee Success

Many people dream about working for themselves, and I’ve been lucky enough to be steadily growing my own online business over the past few years.

Every quarter I set new goals for what I want to achieve in my business, and the exciting part is that it’s always changing and growing into something new. I want to share the most effective actions you need to take in your business to guarantee your success.

If you haven’t started your entrepreneurial journey, but it’s been something you’ve been considering, I suggest you start a side hustle! This is a passion job you can do on the side, and if it’s something you really love, you can build it into your full-time career!

Every quarter I set new goals for what I want to achieve in my business, and the exciting part is that it’s always growing into something new. I want to share the most effective actions you need to take in your business to guarantee your success. business plan, business plan template, how to write a business plan, business plan outline, business plan printable, how to make a business plan #workfromhome #leave9to5 #twoweeknotice #sidehustle

If you’re looking to start a side hustle, you have to check out my post on the best side hustle to replace your 9 to 5 job.

It’s really important to understand that getting uncomfortable is needed  in order to grow your online business. We are going to talk about some effective ways for you to take bold action in your business that will help to guarantee your success.

Launch a podcast, Facebook Live Show, YouTube Channel

As we all know, showing up LIVE on social media has become the best way to market your business.  One, it helps you build trust. Two, it establishes you as an expert. You can also offer value in the form of freebies that help you grow your email list. You also get to connect with your audience and other people through showing up live.

Start and Grow A Facebook Group

Your goal should be building a really tight-knit community and one where:

You’re the leader.

  • You’re the go-to person that’s starting the conversation

  • You are building your email list

  • You are getting people into your programs

  • You have a really dedicated audience

Once you decide to have a Facebook group, I want you to sit down and write a description of expectations and ground rules for the group. Get really clear on how you want the group to interact. What are some of the rules?

You need to decide how you will interact with the group. How will you stir up discussion? Are you going to have themes for each day? Are you going to ask questions? Are you going to post content? Are you going to use it in conjunction with your podcast? I think that’s a great idea because you then have new content to post every week.

Join a Group Coaching Program

I’ve said it many times on Facebook Lives and in my Facebook Community, you need a mentor to help you create a successful online business. I’ve talked about so many of my peers about this. My online business wouldn’t be where it is today without having working with mentors and being a part of a Group Coaching Program or Mastermind.  As of today, I am in 2 Masterminds that are each a 5 figure investment. I truly believe that to have success, you have to be willing to invest in yourself and your business.

Define and Declare a Niche

Define your niche and declare it!  Be sure to drill down and really find your sweet spot. I know many of my clients and women in my community that are struggling with this one.

I truly believe if you start with a narrow focus and build a following, you can then appeal to a broader audience and start to expand your offerings. Niche down a little bit and grow your profits a whole lot more.

As they say, “the riches are in the niches” and boy, is that the truth!

Niching down your audience is going to grow your online business exponentially.

This may seem like an oxymoron.

You may be thinking, “how is narrowing down my audience going to help my business grow?!

Niching down will help your online business stand out among your competitors.

Think about it: let’s say you’re looking to find a new hair stylist and you have very curly hair. Would you go with a random hair stylist or a stylist that specializes in cutting & styling very curly hair?

You’d probably go with the curly hair specialist!

You can dominate an industry if you niche down who it is you help.

Here are some examples of service based businesses and their niche audiences:

  • Copywriter for website designers

  • Virtual assistant for physical product-based businesses

  • Bookkeeper for local restaurants

  • Email marketer for entrepreneurial conferences

  • Business Coach for Virtual Assistants

  • Mindset coach for freelancers

The opportunities are endless! Think about who you can best serve as well as who isn’t currently being served. Get creative!

Identify your core offering

Before you do anything else, you need to identify your core offering first.

Do not skip this step because all other tips will fail if you don’t follow through with this one first.

You want to solve one critical problem really, really well.

Many online business owners offer too many options in the beginning and it becomes difficult to become known for anything.

To truly grow your online business, you want to identify a core offering first before you do anything else.

Becoming known as the go-to person in a particular industry is one of the best ways to grow your online business because people have no question as to who to go to when they’re looking to hire out your service.

If you aren’t sure where to start, leverage what you’re naturally good at and what you’re background is in.

  • What life/career experience do you have thus far in life?

  • What do you enjoy doing?

  • What are you good at doing?

  • How can you apply this to your service-based business?

Once you’ve identified a few ideas (or maybe you only have one!) let’s do some research within your industry.

  • Who are your competitors?

  • What services do they offer?

  • What is their pricing?

  • What can you offer that differentiates you from your competitors?

Now that we’ve identified the service we’re going to provide, let’s move on!

Build Your Content

Your content will attract your ideal clients. It’s about quality over quantity and knowing what your messaging is first. There is so much noise right now. You need to stand out. You have to put more time and thought into making it great. Why is this important? You want to elevate your brand above the rest. This will allow you to charge the prices you are worth.

In the beginning, it’s about getting that first post up. Just start somewhere. But, if you have a post up already, I want you to be more thoughtful about your next post. Maybe take a couple more minutes to make it great rather than ok.

Click the image to register for this free training!

Click the image to register for this free training!

Do Live Video Every Single Day

Live video is only getting bigger and better.  One bold action move might be for you to do video every single week. That might be huge for you because you’re not doing it. By all means, that’s a bold action move.

For some of you it might mean that you are going to do video every single day. That means you’re on Facebook Live or you’re doing Insta Stories and connecting with your audience.

Build Your Email List

Social media changes. The only thing you really have control is your website and your email list. You have to make building your list a priority.

Imagine for a moment….

Visualize yourself taking a break for three months. You want to take a break, go on a trip, take care of a loved one or have a baby. You want to collect enough leads in those three months to come back and launch your new product/business/service. You don’t have to work so hard.

Set this up, and you can take those three months of growing your email list.


Your business WILL grow as soon as you get this up and leads coming in.

For my recommended email provider, check out this post:  Why Convertkit Is The Best Email Provider

Surprise Your Audience

I bet some of you have been thinking about doing something that would be pretty cool and pretty crazy. But what if it really worked? You’ve got to take risks. You’ve got to experiment and get uncomfortable in your business and it may not work. You may crash and fail. But you can always get back up. We know that.

Don’t be scared to make those big mistakes because they could turn out to be amazing. I want to encourage you. How do you get started with surprising your audience and doing something different? You’ve just got to ask yourself what you can do different in your business in terms of communicating with your audience.

That’s really what we’re talking about.

How do you communicate with your audience? Can you change up how you deliver your content? Can you be more raw, more authentic? In what way can you be?

Video probably is the fastest way to get there. Facebook Live would probably be your first step but how can you do Facebook Live a little bit differently?

How can you stand out? In a really noisy world this is a good question. I don’t know, maybe this is your bold move but I definitely wanted to bring it up.

Examine Your Business Model

Perhaps your action move is to shake things up might be that you’re going to add webinars to your business or this year you are going to do one live event because you really have a great idea for a live event. You want to do an in-person workshop and you’re doing it this year. Mark your calendar, put it there. That’s your bold move.

It might be a coaching program. It can be an in-person coaching program, an online coaching program, or maybe something a little bit out of what you’ve been doing and a little bit out of the range but it is something you have wanted to try. This is the time to decide.

That’s why I wanted to encourage you to reexamine your business model. A lot of you are in a place that you’re doing one-on-one service-based businesses. Your bold move in the new year is that you are eventually going to transition and let go of all of your one-on-one clients and move into selling online courses.

Build Your Team

You can’t do everything, especially if you are still working a day job or have other priorities (family, etc.). You have to make delegating and doing work you love (and delegating the rest) a priority.

One of my first hires six months into having my online business was my virtual assistant. She helped me replace myself by giving her the work I couldn’t get done. When you are working a full-time job, you have to start delegating and outsourcing tasks you don’t have time to do. I would never be here today if I hadn’t started outsourcing early on to my Virtual Assistant.

To have better time management skills, you can read more on this post:  How To Increase Your Productivity With Time Blocking.

Above all else in your business, have fun. Being an entrepreneur is your choice, so make it work. It can be done. You can survive, emerge and succeed in this online space, if you follow the right path.

Every quarter I set new goals for what I want to achieve in my business, and the exciting part is that it’s always growing into something new. I want to share the most effective actions you need to take in your business to guarantee your success. business plan, business plan template, how to write a business plan, business plan outline, business plan printable, how to make a business plan #workfromhome #leave9to5 #twoweeknotice #sidehustle