Handing In Your Two Week Notice

A lot of people are doing work that’s no longer fulfilling them. It’s really just that job where they go and get the paycheck, but they’re miserable. Corporate exit strategist Amy Coats believes that also bleeds into other relationships as well which can be an issue. Amy says the online space has a low-entry-fee. You can easily get a Facebook page if you need to, get started, and start helping people in a more fulfilling way. She shares the reasons why a lot of women are handing in their two-week notice in corporate America and why more and more are getting into online businesses.

Handing In Your Two-Week Notice with Amy Coats

On this episode, I have with me Amy Coats and she is the Founder of Two Week Notice Society. She helps corporate women get their online businesses up and running so they can leave their 9 to 5 and be the women they dream of becoming.