You Can Make A Full Time Income Doing What You Love

If you want to go from the person that is overworked and underpaid, to the person who is a successful online business owner, then you need to start BEING that person first.

You can’t wait until have the successful online business - because it will never happen.

You need to commit to BEING that person first.

For example, it would be like waiting until you’re in shape, before you go to the gym or sign up to work with a personal trainer.

Tune in for more on this and you can BECOME the person you need to be to leave your 9-5

You Can Make A Full Time Income Doing What You Love! If you want to go from the person that is overworked and underpaid, to the person who is a successful online business owner, listen in! Join my free training on how to leave your 9 to 5! how to start your own small business, quit your job, how to quit your 9 to 5, how to start my own business, entrepreneur tips, small business start up, #workfromhome #leave9to5 #twoweeknotice #sidehustle #mompreneur, full time income in side hustle,

Today we're going to be talking all about how to start to become that person that you need to become that has a successful online business that's still working in their nine to five but you really working towards being able to give your two week notice and replacing your income so that you can give your notice and you can really start to eliminate that risk in not having to put everything out on the line are going all in and feeling that fear of taking the leap before you're actually ready to. So for those of you that don't know me, my name is Amy coats and I am a corporate exit strategist and the founder of two week notice society. And I help women by creating and giving them an escape plan that really helps them to create their side business alongside of their nine to five so that they can leave their nine to five confidently and have already replaced their income and have a successful and sustainable online business. 

So for many of you are, you are waking up and dreading each day, right? As you go into your nine to five or maybe you're checking your phone, checking your work email before you even maybe go and check on your kids or even go and take a shower or get out of bed. I know for me, I checked my email before my feet even hit the ground. Many of you probably dread Sunday evenings, right? It starts to feel like the weekend just started, but now you're already in the hustle of trying to, you know, get ready for the week you're trying to plan and it feels really daunting and overwhelming because you have this a work week coming up. You have a lot of stuff going on and you're trying to figure out how to plan for that, right? And maybe on the outside everything looks good. It looks like you have it all and you have a great nine to five. 

You have a family, you have a great job, great benefits, but on the inside you really unhappy. And maybe you haven't even admitted that to yourself. To your family or your friends yet. And then you just kind of go through every day trying to make it through and make it through to another date. Right? You just keep saying one more day, one more day, or eventually after this happens, I will go after my dream. I'll figure out what my passion is and I'll figure out how I can actually make that happen. And you start to make excuses and in thinking that now is never the right time. There's always some reason why you're saying that it isn't the right time to get started now. And, and maybe it's because you're overworked and you have nothing to show for it and you feel like y w I need to create some other sort of sucks success or I need to hit some sort of milestone before it does become the right time. 

But what you really want to be feeling is confident, right? You want to feel confident that you can go after what you want. You want to feel confident that you have a passion and, this fulfillment from that you're wanting to create in your side business. Some of you may not even know what that side business is. You maybe haven't taken the time or know what the steps are to really define what you're passionate about or how to figure out what you're good at or what you could offer and create a side business around and you want to feel like you're taking the right steps. You want to feel confident in that when we leave or when we graduate from college. Or if you didn't graduate from college and you just got a corporate job, you were confident you were taking the right steps, right? 

And if you interviewed from multiple positions, you took a position that you wanted, and that you were qualified for and you knew it was the right step and you didn't second guess yourself. So that's how you, I'm assuming, because that's how I was wanting to feel. When you are moving into your side business, right? You have either started to take the steps in your side business because it's something really passionate you're passionate about and you know that you're good at and it's something that you want to do. And you want to not second guess yourself, you want some sort of roadmap or you want to know that the steps that you're taking are the right ones, right? Because you're working a lot in it and you want to make it to happen, to want it to pan out. and you want to have sort of a lifestyle business that you control, right? 

That is going to allow you to do work that is meaningful, that aligns with your values, and that you can really create your life around your business, not have a business that you create, right? And, and that is dictating your life, which a 9 to 5 really kind of dictates your life, right? Because it's where you spend the majority of your time. It's where you are always at and probably always thinking him. And so you start to build your life around this job where you can start to have it the other way. Once you start building a side business or a side hustle that you're really passionate about. So as, as women, we typically don't allow ourselves to make a change. And if you think about it, think back on your life and think about when you've made a change, when you've made big changes, and really think about the circumstances that surrounded that. 

And if you're like me, usually what happens is something drastic has to happen before we ever give ourselves that permission to make a change. Because then it's almost like we have an excuse, right? So if you think about it, a lot of times when we're under stress were run down. We get sick, right? And so then that forces us to slow down and to really start to think about what it is that we're doing. And, and then you start to make a change, right? You said it's asleep when we used to have to take care of yourself a little bit better. And so you're forced to make a, make a change. Some people have, health issues and so then that's when they start to work out more or to start eating healthier. Or they use the first of the year as a reason or an excuse to start eating healthier and to start going to the gym. 

And then you really always wait for the right time. Like I mentioned, the new year, springtime because of spring break, fall summer. And you start to create this attachment around those times because you'd think that is now the right time. And then there's also this feeling of you're not going to be supportive or supported by your family, by your friends, by your spouse, and people that are really important to you. You're afraid that if you put yourself out there, you mentioned that you're either unhappy or that you want to try something different, that they're going to think that you're crazy, right? Because maybe they don't understand what it is or why you want to do this. And probably the biggest reason why, you don't go after this is because there's this fear of failure. You're afraid that if you feel everyone will say, I told you so. 

And, and then it's just becomes validation that you shouldn't have started this endeavor anyway, but if you want to go from that person who is overworked, you're feeling all of the things that I've just mentioned and maybe you're underpaid or undervalued or not appreciated in your nine to five to be that person. Who is it, who has a successful online business and who is an online, a successful online business owner, then you really need to start being that person first. And that's really the first step in all of this. You can't wait until you have this successful online business because it's not going to happen in that order. As I mentioned in the post, it's kind of like waiting. It would be like waiting till you're in shape to go to the gym or to start working with a personal trainer. It just doesn't make sense. 

And so successful business owners who have really realized that they can't figure it out all on their own are the ones that are typically the most successful. And then they realize when they do try and figure it out on their own, that they miss out on all of this. Those uses success. They can't get back that time. Uh, they miss out on years of income that they could have had in their business and if they just would've had had help or ask for help sooner, they could have avoided all of that. And maybe you can relate to some of that. I know I struggled really in the beginning of my side hustle when I was trying to leave my nine to five. I was, I was not the person who was taking the actions that I needed in order to have the results that I wanted. 

And it really took me a while to get to that place of understanding and how important that is to really start to take those actions even if they're small actions. Uh, for some of you it might be giving up Netflix. I mean it's like people who are, are successful, aren't bingeing on Netflix or scrolling social media are spending all their time on Instagram. Right? That isn't business related. But once I started to make that change and to realize that I needed to make that change is when everything really started to shift for me. And so if you want to know how people are able to leave their nine to five and create this successful online business that, that exceeds or matches there, their nine to five income, it's because they do the things that successful online business owners are doing, right? And they're not doing those things that I just, I just mentioned. 

And the people who say stuck in their nine to five and can't figure out how to create that income, can't figure out how to get ahead. Don't take the time to figure out what it is they're passionate about or what it's going, what's going to fulfill them. And, and, and you know, they, they're not taking actions are doing the things they're taking, the actions and things that people who are unhappier on the filled or not committed, they're taking the actions of those people are people who are never going to have that success. Right. And it's super simple and it's really as simple as that. And when you continue to take actions like an employee, which I would consider those to be employee actions, um, and not as an entrepreneur, you stay stuck. And if you continue to take those actions like watching Netflix or um, you know, feeling dreadful or you know, not doing, you know, even committing to 30 minutes, maybe a day and doing something in your business that's going to move the needle forward, you're going to stay stuck and you're going to stay stuck and then it's going to be the end of 2019 and now you're going to be saying, I wish I would have done this. 

I wish I would have canceled my Netflix account so that I can get ahead or I wish I would have just spent the time because now I'm here and my nine to five and it's going to be 20, 20 and I am not able to move ahead or I don't have anything to show for it. Right. So let me ask you, how much would your life change right now if every action and decision you started to make really shifted to match those that have been successful in leaving their nine to five?

I'm assuming it's probably a lot, right? If you started to just take simple actions every week, it would start to add up and if you would create some momentum in your side hustle and in order to have that successful online business and be that successful entrepreneur and to have the business of your dreams that you start to build around the lifestyle that you want, it is really vital that you learn how to become an entrepreneur that is equipped to give you two week notice and also learn how to build and run their online business. 

It's going to create a sustainable income for you and your family. And you don't have to go all in. You don't have to give up your, um, family's financial security. You can build your business on the side so you don't have to risk everything.

You Can Make A Full Time Income Doing What You Love! If you want to go from the person that is overworked and underpaid, to the person who is a successful online business owner, listen in! Join my free training on how to leave your 9 to 5! how to start your own small business, quit your job, how to quit your 9 to 5, how to start my own business, entrepreneur tips, small business start up, #workfromhome #leave9to5 #twoweeknotice #sidehustle #mompreneur, full time income in side hustle,