How To Make Sunday Your Most Productive Day

Most people think of Sunday as the last day to relax before heading back to work or school. Instead, think of Sunday as the first chance to prepare yourself for the week’s tasks. Monday mornings will feel WAY less dreadful and less overwhelming because you’ve already got yourself into the mindset. I do just about everything I can on Sundays to make sure that the rest of the week will be smooth sailing.

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I don’t know about you, but having a messy house just gives me the anxiety and more frustration come Monday morning. Even if you just devote 20 minutes of your Sunday to cleaning and tidying up, you’ll see a great improvement in your stress levels on Monday.

One thing that I find really helps is making sure that my bathroom is organized and everything is where it needs to be.

I also like to make sure the kitchen is clean and dishes are put away. It’s so much more relaxing to wake up to a clean kitchen, than one with dishes in the sink!


If you work a typical 9-5 job, chances are most of the emails you receive Friday night through Sunday are personal and junk mail as opposed to work emails. I like to clean those out on Sunday night so I can sit down Monday morning and only have to deal with new work emails. It helps me jump into work a lot faster when I’m not having to filter through junk emails. Plus I have a lot more patience on Sunday evening than I do on Monday morning when I’m tired and slightly annoyed about the weekend already being over!


Did you know that money is one of the biggest stressors for so many people? I know that it sounds boring, but budgeting is one of the best things you can do for your Monday morning stress.

Also, knowing your budget will allow you to plan for other things in your week better, such as social gatherings, gifts, and gas to get yourself to work and even your morning Starbucks run!


When it comes to having a more productive week, this is where it’s at. Seriously. Having these tasks planned out before the week starts will allow you to jump right into them Monday morning. I’m definitely a pen and paper kinda girl when it comes to keeping track of my to-do’s. Because of this, I LOVE the 90x Goal Planner. You can also find several different types of planners on Etsy.  There are daily planners, weekly planners, meal planners, and just about anything else that might help make your week more productive!


This is something I did when I was working my 9 to 5 and working my side hustle in the mornings before work and at night after work.  I had NO time to think about what I was going to wear.

Plan your outfits and arrange them in your closet so they are easy to grab.  BONUS: Plan out your workout outfits too!


As much as I love cooking, it’s not efficient to be cooking every single day…for every single meal…For most people, that’s simply not feasible. So instead, people end up eating out or eating junk food. 🙁

That’s where meal planning can save the day…(or week…)

You can save so much time and money by meal planning for the week on Sundays! Not to mention, it’s also easier to eat healthier when you plan ahead!

Meal planning can seem a little complicated or overwhelming for some, but it’s really not that bad…You don’t have to spend all day in the kitchen (unless you want to 🙂 )…

When starting off with meal planning, you can simply cook what you normally would in bigger batches that can last for the entire week.

Even if you don’t want to get your hands dirty in the kitchen, you can still plan the meals without actually cooking…

If you simply want to outline what you’ll eat for each meal, that can save lots of time! Even if you just prep your meals, think of how much time that’ll save you during the week!


A great way to ease your stress during the week and increase your productivity is to plan out your week in advance.

What better day to do this than Sunday?

On Sundays, you can plan and review your goals for the week, plan your tasks for each day, and even plan your outfits for the week.

This can really help you to stay focused during the week and work more efficiently.

The fewer decisions you have to make during the week, the better. Decision fatigue is actually a real concept.


There’s no better way to sleep to fall asleep on a Sunday night other than with a clean pair of sheets and some comfy pjs. Washing your sheets on Sunday will help you have a little extra motivation to make your bed in the morning, and it will also help you get a better night sleep to boot! While you’re at it, you should also make sure that those other piles of laundry you’ve been ignoring get done too!


Hopefully, you found these tips helpful! As you can see, we can make our Sundays way more productive if we just do a little planning, without sacrificing our fun! You don’t have to say goodbye to Sunday Funday! What are some ways that you make your Sundays more productive?

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