5 Steps To Achieve Your Goals Faster

"Power is not given to you. You have to take it." 


(This Beyonce quote is on repeat right now for a reason.)

I am one of the 8% who has accomplished a BIG goal (ie. Leaving my 9-5 job and replacing my income).

I am one of the 8% people who CAN do this.

If you're serious about setting a goal to leave your 9 to 5, this is what I suggest: 

1. Think BIG.

Point blank, BIG is scary. Big requires REAL action. INTENTIONAL action. Are you going to finally do what it takes to create that dream online business, so you can have the freedom and flexibility to live a life you desire? 

How about having regular and recurring income? That would be nice to have too, right? How about consistent 5-figure income and a system in place to generate more with each month passing? 

Ask yourself how much and by when? 

2. Think about the pain in your life.

Say what?? Yes, think about the pain. Pain drives change. Comfortable living keeps you at status quo. Pain drives change. When you touch a burning stove what do you do? Instinctively move away! When you remember and live with the pain, you work to make things that much better! Your drive is increased!  My biggest pain was going to a job that I no longer loved and working for someone else's dream.  Working ALL OF THE TIME so someone else buy a nice car, have a nice house and take nice vacations.  

3. Create space in your life for the change. 

You have to do the work to change. That means new learning and new habits. That means you have to create space in your life for something new. That means you have to dedicate hours of your life, hours of your work for this new change. It takes work and anyone who says otherwise is a fool. Talk to your family, your business partner, your kiddos if you need to. Have the conversation with yourself and anyone else you need to, to create the space required.

4. Get help.

New change requires new learning. You don't know what you don't know, so here's the deal. Dive in! Dive right in! Don't hesitate. Read something. Talk to someone. Interview another. Shadow. Mentor. Whatever you need to do. Do it. That also means get a partner-in-crime. Yes, an accountability partner. Not a friend, not a foe but a real deal partner to keep you moving forward.

5. Decide.

Don't roll your eyes! You have to decide that this is the moment where your goals and resolutions will become true. Fact is this is probably the single most important step. Either you are in or you are out. Either you will or you won't. There's no other way about it. Decide and move forward.

What's your big goal for 2019?  Are you going to be the one that says goodbye to their 9 to 5 FOR GOOD?

Last but not least.

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