Set Goals To Escape Your 9 to 5

Are you ready to escape the 9 to 5?

Do you want to leave your job and the workday grind behind?

Maybe you’ve had enough of your daily commute, cubicle lifestyle, or just the overall office politics and petty drama? 

Are you always counting down the minutes to 5 pm so you can be free?

Or even more frustrating, maybe you hate your job and every single day you still work there you feel like you’re sinking more and more into a life you hate.

Perhaps what was once a “for now” job somehow became way too permanent. Or what was your “dream job” is now the job you can’t stop daydreaming about leaving. You often wonder, “How am I still at this job?” and “Will I ever leave?”.

Do  you want to escape your 9 to 5 life but you’re not sure where to start? How do you actually transition from the 9 to 5 to FREEDOM?

You’ve heard of people quitting their 9 to 5 jobs to become online entrepreneurs, but you’re not sure where to start. 

The truth is, we’ve all thought about leaving our jobs at one time, but hardly anyone actually quits their day job and successfully escapes the 9 to 5. Making the decision to leave the 9 to 5 lifestyle is a hard one, but once you’ve decided to give your two week notice and say the words “I quit”, it feels like a huge weight is being lifted from your shoulders.

The transitional period between deciding that you want to escape the 9 to 5 and creating a freedom and lifestyle of entrepreneurship is where you need to focus. 

Be prepared to leave your 9 to 5 job by setting the right goals to help you transition from employee to entrepreneur. 

How to Set Goals to Transition From Your 9 to 5

Leaving the 9 to 5 world, and everything that goes along with it, and starting your own journey is becoming more and more popular. Working a desk job is just not something that everyone can or wants to do. Not when there’ so many other opportunities out there. 

One of the greatest feelings is realizing that you are ready to move on from the 9 to 5 and start your own online business. Although freedom is one of the best feelings, it’s easy to be overwhelmed without a plan to successfully transition from the 9 to 5.

When you get started, setting goals for how to leave your 9-5 can be confusing.  Everyone is in different stages of their escape plan, so your goals may be completely different than another person also trying to leave their job. The first step is allowing yourself to acknowledge that you are ready to move on. It’s a big change. It’s a change that will impact your entire life. You want to make sure that you are ready for this, so it is important that you have a true plan.

Here are five actionable steps to setting goals for how to transition from the 9 to 5 life to your entrepreneurial journey.

Step 1: Know How to Make Your Move

You’ve made the decision to leave your job, now what?

Taking the first step is all about truly knowing your reasons for making this move in the first place. It’s really important that you have clarity on this from the beginning. You need to fully understand the reason why you are ready to make this big step towards freedom! 
Start by creating a plan that charts out where you see yourself in the next year, 5 years, and 10 years. Think about how you are going to get there.

Be prepared to answer the following questions:

* Why are you leaving the 9 to 5?
* What changes are you hoping for in your life? 
* What needs to happen for you to get where you want to be in one year?
* What do you have to accomplish in order to get there? Set clear goals for yourself.

Post this someplace where you can see it all of the time and be reminded of why you wanted to leave your 9 to 5 life. It’s important to make these goals in the beginning because this is going to be the blueprint for what you do and where you go.

Step 2: Make A Money Plan

Let’s be honest, money is one of the most stressful parts of life, especially when you are used to a consistent cash flow from your current job.

Ask yourself:
* How can you get ready to no longer receive a steady paycheck?
* Have you started saving several months of pay to bridge the gap?
* How much start-up capital or expenses will you need to pay for?

It can be a little stressful getting everything planned out when leaving and starting your journey to freedom.  This is going to mean sitting down and creating a strict budget, knowing what you can spend and when.  It’s important to not veer off this path until you are confident with the cash flow you are receiving. 

Step 3: Surround Yourself With A Positive Environment

This is the one thing that I think most people don’t plan enough. One of the many reasons that people don’t succeed in a 9-5 environment is because of the environment.  Really take the time to plan out where you want to work based on where you do your best work best.

Choose your work environment wisely. Everyone is different. Some need complete silence while some like to have dance parties in between completing projects and tasks. Either way, finding that spot for you to put your head down and get to work needs to be someplace where you can be uninterrupted for a while.

Step 4: Be Brave! Take the Next Step

Actually taking the next step sounds like the most amazing plan, until the time comes that you have to actually do it. How do you actually follow through with your escape plan?

According to a 2013 Washington Post survey, 63% of people admitted that they are not engaged when it comes to their jobs, which makes it even easier to walk away from a job when the time comes. But we are still human and we are always going to second guess our decisions.

Set your escape date! Making a date helps tremendously! Telling yourself you will leave that job no later than a certain date gives you a countdown to freedom to be excited about it. 

Or maybe, for you, an exit date wouldn’t be best and you would prefer to set a monetary savings goal that would allow you to feel comfortable leaving your job.

It truly is all about when YOU are ready. You never want to leave and regret your decision, but you also don’t want to stall and make it go on forever. The only person it’s hurting is you and you will lose all of that great motivation that could have gone into your next journey.

Step 5: You’re the Boss

In a typical work setting, you have some type of supervisor or boss. When you decide to embrace your freedom, that is the first thing you will feel lifted from you. Then reality sets in a bit when you realize that you have to be your own motivation.

The best way to deal with this is making goals for what you want to accomplish daily, weekly, and monthly. Not only will you write down your goals, but HOW you will get them done along with a strict deadline.

This is a great goal setting exercise. Not only does it get you motivated to work on new goals for your business, because you now have the freedom to do it however YOU want, it also helps you understand how you learn best, how you handle stress, and identify any traits that you may have that are harming your business, like procrastination. 

At the end of your deadline period, look back on the goals that you set and see what you did well, what you could have done better, and what you sucked at. As you continue to complete these self-reviews, you can reward yourself for tasks done well. You can also hold yourself accountable for those areas you need to work on. Be honest with yourself and maintain a goal of self-accountability. It’s easier to admit your weaknesses to yourself then having some corporate person knock you down for them.

How to Actually Escape Your 9 to 5

Are you tired of pretending you can continue on in your 9 to 5 until retirement?

Are you ready to accept that you don’t have to wait to be 65 to enjoy the freedom to do what you want?

The reality is that it’s always been a choice. It’s a choice you have right now, no matter where in your life or career you are. You can choose to remain doing what you’re doing now (and hate!), or you can start making a different choice. 

Even the smallest choices, like spending $5 a day on Starbucks, buying a new purse to feel good, or saving for your escape fund are important choices. 

Wanting to quit is the easy part. Getting prepared to successfully make the transition from employee to entrepreneur requires strategic planning and discipline. Don’t just leave this desire to be free as a dream or you’ll never actually achieve it.

To escape your 9 to 5, you’ll have to:
* Know why you want to escape your 9 to 5
* Create a plan with what you need to do in order to leave your job
* Get your finances in order, start saving, build up an escape fund
* Set an exit date or pre-escape goal for yourself (ex. $15K saved)
* Find the time and new conducive “work” environment

Here’s the thing.  You can either burn yourself out working your 9-5, your side hustle and raising your family, OR you can launch an online business that changes more lives and puts more money in your pocket. PERIOD.