20 Tips For Better Time Management

You aren’t going to create your dream life or find success as an entrepreneur if you feel like there is not enough time in the day. In order to be able to have the success that you desire, you have to be able to master your life and your business right now. This starts with mastering good time management habits.

You need to master your time and productivity so your calendar and to-do list actually makes you happy and productive. You don’t want to feel stressed or overwhelmed in your business.  These 20 time management tips I am sharing with you will change your life and your business, just like they did for me. These are the time management principles I live by and try my best to implement every single day!

  1. Stop Multitasking

  2. Set deadlines

  3. Prioritize tasks

  4. Remove distractions

  5. Keep your mind fresh

  6. Work when you are most productive

  7. Set reminders

  8. Turn off email alerts

  9. Batch your tasks

  10. Brain dump your thoughts

  11. Decline additional commitments

  12. Tidy up your workspace

  13. Get more organized

  14. Create a routine

  15. Manage your stress

  16. Delegate tasks

  17. Break big projects into manageable steps

  18. Only take on what you can finish

  19. Get inspired

  20. Only focus on income generating tasks

Remember, you don’t need to implement these all at once!  Small steps of action lead to BIG results! Take it slow and steady and you will become a productivity star in no time!