How to Leave the 9 to 5 Behind

Does this sounds like a typical morning for you?

Your alarm goes off. You jump out of bed and realize you’re already late. You rush to throw on somewhat professional clothes, pull your hair back and throw on some makeup.  You then endure grueling traffic for 30-45 minutes while you mentally go through the list of everything you forgot to do as you left the house, on top of all the things you need to get done today.

All this stress, before you even get into the office! The struggle is REAL! We’ve all been there, working a 9-5 that didn’t make us happy and even stressed us out more.   But we’ve all got to pay our bills, right?

  • What if there was another option?

  • What if there was another way?

  • What if you could leave the 9-5 behind, become your own boss, and start your own business?

It’s not as crazy as you might think.

In fact, thousands of women, just like you, do it every single day.

I’ve shared my own story of starting my own online business in this blog, on my website, and on social media. I’ve shared how I left my 9-5 job after 20 years in the corporate world and created a full-time online business.

But honestly, my story is not all that unique.

I founded Two Week Notice Society to share what I’ve learned about creating a successful and profitable online business with other ambitious and motivated women who were looking to leave the 9-5 behind. The success I’ve seen is amazing! I wanted to share with you a few steps we all have taken.  

If you’re considering leaving the 9-5 behind, here’s how to get there.


What do you LOVE to do? I mean, what really makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning?  Is it helping others? Maybe it’s cooking healthy meals, working out, crafting, or photography? The thing you LOVE to do won’t feel like work even if it earns you a paycheck. This is the place to begin.

Pick what you love and brainstorm ways to earn money doing it.  For example, if you enjoy organization, productivity, or time management, maybe being a virtual project manager or success coach  would help you earn money and feel fulfilled. If you’re a hobby photographer, perhaps starting or growing your photography business is the way to earn money.

The best way to think about it is:

  • What do I love?

  • How can I use my passion to solve someone else’s problem?

  • How will I connect with them and help them with their dilemmas?

The answer to these questions is the focus for your business. These people are your target market.


If you’re desperate to leave the 9-5 behind, you must get a handle on your budget. This doesn’t mean you need a fortune to start a business. In fact, it costs almost nothing to set up and begin. You will, however, need a strong handle on your family’s financial picture.

You will need to know exactly what you need to earn to live and pay your bills. You’ll need to know how much money you need to earn before you’re financially stable enough to leave your 9-5 job. Understanding your financial situation and plan will help you make wise choices and keep a target in mind.


When you have an idea of what you want to do, learn as much as possible about this area. When I began my online business, I became OBSESSED and read EVERYTHING I could get my hands on. 

Investing in yourself and choosing the right training for you and your business is the single most important step toward success.


This is something I still struggle with as an entrepreneur.  When you start your online business, whether it’s part-time or full-time, you must take full control of your schedule. You see, time isn’t always on our side. We only have a limited amount each day—we’re all given the same 24 hours. If we spin our wheels and lack focus, we may never see our efforts pay off.

If you’re building an online business while working and running a household, the amount of overwhelm can be difficult to manage. You need your steps clearly laid out in front of you. You may want to experiment with time-block scheduling or another productivity method to really help you manage each and every minute.

Keep your process and workflow organized. Take each step carefully and focus on each part of the process. Don’t rush yourself or hurry along. It may seem like your goals are far off and you’re desperate to get there, but taking shortcuts will only require big cleanups and lead to issues down the road.


One of the biggest advantages of having an online business and being part of a Mastermind is working with other entrepreneurs and having a close-knit group of supporters. I’ve learned so much from the people I’ve been privileged to work with. Every time I meet someone, I learn something. I always ask myself - "What can they teach me?"

If you want to successfully leave behind your 9-5, connect with everyone you can. Find other successful online entrepreneurs. Talk and connect with them.

Your network is a powerful tool to lead you through many doors of opportunity. Avoid burning bridges whenever possible. You never know when a previous employer, an old friend, or a business connection will reach out and need your services. Keep your network strong.


The number one quality you need to run an online business is flexibility. If you want to work from home and earn money doing a “non-traditional” job, you need to embrace flexibility.

That means if something isn’t working, don’t feel afraid to change it. I’ve known online entrepreneurs (including myself!) who have rerouted their entire business and/or business model.  It’s always scary at first, but once they’re on the right path, they almost always accomplish more.

You’ll need to be flexible with your schedule, balancing time with your family, discovering pockets of time to work, eating and even sleeping. Learn to accept change and roll with the punches. In the end, you’ll come out even stronger.

I’m so excited to share these success tips with you. If you want to leave behind the 9-5, I promise it’s possible. Being an online entrepreneur has opened so many doors for me that I never imagined possible. It’s changed my life and allowed me to do something I LOVE every single day. If you’re looking to start an online business, leave your 9 to 5, or take your business to the next level, please schedule a strategy call with me!  I’ve created a step by step process to help you ditch the 9-5 and start living the life of your dreams!