3 Things Your Welcome Email Must Include

You’re eager and ready to start growing your email list.
You signed up with an email service provider. You’ve created your amazing opt-in freebie and opt-in forms. You’ve heard all these amazing things about why you need a welcome email and you even wrote yours out!
But does your welcome email include everything that it’s supposed to?
Did you know that the first 48 hours after a subscriber opts-in is when they are MOST engaged with you and your business? 
Welcome emails have one of the highest open rates compared to other emails sent. This is your opportunity to make a great first impression, and to start creating a relationship with your ideal clients.
Here’s what the boring, average welcome email does:
+ Delivers your opt-in freebie
+ Tells the subscriber where they can find you on social media
+ Shares your most popular content
I’ve worked with several online entrepreneurs and have seen several welcome emails and sadly, most welcome emails end up falling flat.
What’s going to make your welcome email stand out are 3 critical ingredients that will add that much needed ‘wow’ factor and get subscribers to look out for your name in their inbox.


1. Your welcome email doesn’t state why you are the best person to help them.

It doesn’t matter what type of online entrepreneur you are or what your niche is. If you are an online entrepreneur you are looking to empower, educate or inspire your audience. Your emails could do a mixture of all three.
Identify the purpose of your online business:
+What are you educating your audience on?
+Why type of business or journey are you inspiring them to create?
Now that you have identified this, why are you the best person to inspire, educate or teach your audience about this?
You don’t need to be an expert. You don’t need to have a certification or to have been an online entrepreneur for any specific period of time. You don’t need to earn 6-figures or have a best-selling book.
What you do need, is to be 2–steps ahead of your reader.
Are there certain things you did that made your journey noteworthy? What lessons did you learn? What tips and advice can you provide?
While these may seem ordinary to you, there are people who would LOVE to do some of the stuff you’ve done.
So share your experiences in your welcome email and give them a glimpse of what they can learn from you and what change they can expect by reading your content or joining your community. 

2. Your welcome email doesn’t invite people to converse with you.

You lay out what they can expect and where they can find you on social media, but you don’t invite them to respond to you!
You may have heard about the importance of asking your subscriber “what are you struggling with?”. While the term ‘what are you struggling with’ is getting pretty cliche, the principle behind it is to encourage the reader to share their thoughts with you.
By opening a conversation, you invite feedback and are able to peek directly into what your idea client needs. This gives you insight to the content and products you can possibly offer them.
But what can you ask without sounding like 95% of online entrepreneurs out there?
Your question has to be simple and specific to your niche, and you can leave it in the P.S of your email. And be prepared to get replies! And if you want to nurture your audience (which I hope you do!), respond to as many of those emails as you can. 

#3. Your welcome email does not tease and intrigue

How do you make your subscriber anticipate your next email? How do you get them to look out for your name in their inbox? How do you keep them on edge thinking about something you raised?
You can do so by adding a bit of tease and intrigue in your welcome email.
Don’t sign off with your name. But rather, close your email with a question. Here are some examples of how to do this:
“Do you know that 90% of what people believe about “fill in the blank”  is wrong? I’ll tell you what that myth is tomorrow and how it’s going to help you “fill in the blank”.
“Do you know the number #1 mistake people make when it comes to “fill in the blank”? If you’re thinking X, then you’re wrong. I’ll tell you what that mistake is tomorrow and how it’ll make you look at “fill in the blank”.
“Do you know how long it takes for “blank”? The answer will shock you. Look out for that tomorrow”.
You get the idea.
When you tease, you also need to ensure that you close the loop in the next email. You want to live up to that tease and intrigue. Don’t leave them on a cliffhanger.
Now you may be thinking…
How are you going to incorporate all of these different elements in a welcome email without it being 2 pages long and having the reader overwhelmed with all you have to say?
You have a valid concern. A single welcome email can only do so much…
Which is why I suggest having a series of 3 emails in a welcome email series.
Each email builds off the other to help reinforce your brand, get them acquainted with your best content, what you have to offer and why you’re the best person to help them. You can set these emails in a sequence to go out on auto whenever a person signs up to your list.


Here’s how I structure these emails. 

I do 3 emails back to back and then space out the additional emails in my sequence. I include as much value as I can in these first few emails.
I share my personal story with them. I go the extra mile and give them the unexpected freebie in the form of guides or checklists they weren’t expecting.  I also invite them to the Two Week Notice Society Facebook Community.


By the end of the welcome email series you should have created a solid foundation and impression of your work, and delivered as much value as you possibly can. This is a trial of sorts to show new subscribers what they can expect by being on your list, and how you can help them.
Anyone who chooses to unsubscribe after or during this period is not your ideal client and you shouldn’t worry about that unsubscribe.
It takes some time to set-up these emails, but once you do, your welcome email series is a tool that’s going to help you nurture your list on auto pilot!
Have a look at your welcome email now. Where can you inject more of your personality and experiences? How can you expand this into a series of emails that play to your strengths and reinforces your brand and your valuable content?

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