When Is The Right Time To Hire A Business Coach?

Are you an online business owner? When you are first starting out, you might think you can do everything by yourself with proper research or by purchasing online courses. As a recovering online course junkie, I thought I could learn everything I needed to know from do-it-yourself courses without any sort of guidance.  WRONG.

There is a reason why so many businesses fail.

The main reason is because many newcomers to the online space don’t yet know the ins and outs of the tough business world. And that’s where a business coach can help you.  The online space changes every single day, and if you’re not in the know, you’ll be left behind.

The job of a business coach is to assist you in running your online business, to help you grow and obtain the skills and qualities needed in order to become a great entrepreneur.  

Sounds great, doesn’t it?

But if you’re in the very early stages in your business, you might not need one just yet. Here’s how to know if it’s the right time to hire a business coach:

1.) You can’t handle your workload – Owning a business isn’t as easy as many people make it out to be. You have to handle things like clients, social media, landing pages, sales funnels and much more. All of this can be overwhelming, so don’t beat yourself up if you find that you’re burnt out from all of the hard work you’ve been doing. There really is SO much to learn in the online space, but with the right guidance, you won’t be wasting your time.  

2.) You don’t know what you’re doing – Another sign you might need a coach is when you find yourself lost. You don’t know what you’re doing, your plans and strategies aren’t getting you results and you find yourself more confused than when you started.  No matter what stage your business is at, a business coach can help you reach your goals faster.

3.) You aren’t meeting your goals – Trying your best and working yourself to the bone but you just aren’t getting new clients.  Or maybe the profits and your goals just aren’t working out like you had planned. It isn’t your fault, and most of the time simply working harder isn’t going to fix your problem.

4.) You spend too much time and money – You can’t just fix all of your problems by throwing yourself, your time and also your money at them.  In the end, you’re only wasting your effort and hard-earned money. You need someone who has been through it to help you strategize and how to spend your money.

5.) You want more progress – Do you feel like you’re stuck in a rut? This is another sign you need a business coach. If you find yourself disappointed and frustrated with the way things are now in the business you’ve built up from the ground, it’s time to get hire help. It might seem like you’re getting nowhere, but don’t worry, because all you need to get it up and running again is a little push (and strategy!)!

Do any of these points resonate with you?