Take BOLD Action NOW To Grow Your Business

It’s really important to understand that getting uncomfortable is needed  in order to grow your online business.  We are going to talk about seven ways for you to take bold action in your

Action Move #1 – Launch a podcast, Facebook Live Show, YouTube Channel

As we all know, showing up LIVE on social media has become the best way to market your business.  One, it help you build trust.  Two, it establishes you as an expert.  You can also offer value in the form of freebies that help you grow your email list. You also get to connect with your audience and other people through showing up live.

Action Move #2 – Start and Grow A Facebook Group

Your goal should be building a really tight-knit community and one where:

  • You’re the leader.

  • You’re the go-to person that’s starting the conversation

  • You are building your email list

  • You are getting people into your programs

  • You have a really dedicated audience

Once you decide to have a Facebook group, I want you to sit down and write a description of expectations and ground rules for the group. Get really clear on how you want the group to interact. What are some of the rules?

You need to decide how you will interact with the group. How will you stir up discussion? Are you going to have themes for each day? Are you going to ask questions? Are you going to post content? Are you going to use it in conjunction with your podcast? I think that’s a great idea because you then have new content to post every week.

Action Move #3 – Join a Group Coaching Program

I’ve said it many times on Facebook Lives and in my Facebook Community, you need a mentor to help you create a successful online business. I’ve talked about so many of my peers about this. My online business wouldn’t be where it is today without having working with mentors and being a part of a Group Coaching Program or Mastermind.

Action Move #4 – Define and Declare a Niche

Define your niche and declare it.  Be sure to drill down and really find your sweet spot. I know many of my clients and women in my community that are struggling with this one.

I truly believe if you start with a narrow focus and build a following you can then appeal to a broader audience and start to expand your offerings. Niche down a little bit and grow your profits a whole lot more.

Action Move #5 – Do Live Video Every Single Day

Live video is only getting bigger and better.  One bold action move might be for you to do video every single week. That might be huge for you because you’re not doing it. By all means, that’s a bold action move.

For some of you it might mean that you are going to do video every single day. That means you’re on Facebook Live or you’re doing Insta Stories and connecting with your audience.

Action Move #6 – Surprise Your Audience

I bet some of you have been thinking about doing something that would be pretty cool and pretty crazy. But what if it really worked? You’ve got to take risks. You’ve got to experiment and get uncomfortable in your business and it may not work. You may crash and fail. But you can always get back up. We know that.

Don’t be scared to make those big mistakes because they could turn out to be amazing. I want to encourage you. How do you get started with surprising your audience and doing something different? You’ve just got to ask yourself what you can do different in your business in terms of communicating with your audience. That’s really what we’re talking about.

How do you communicate with your audience? Can you change up how you deliver your content? Can you be more raw, more authentic? In what way can you be? Video probably is the fastest way to get there. Facebook Live would probably be your first step but how can you do Facebook Live a little bit differently?

How can you stand out? In a really noisy world this is a good question. I don’t know, maybe this is your bold move but I definitely wanted to bring it up.

Action Move #7 – Examine Your Business Model

Perhaps your action move is to shake things up might be that you’re going to add webinars to your business or this year you are going to do one live event because you really have a great idea for a live event. You want to do an in-person workshop and you’re doing it this year. Mark your calendar, put it there. That’s your bold move.

It might be a coaching program. It can be an in-person coaching program, an online coaching program, or maybe something a little bit out of what you’ve been doing and a little bit out of the range but it is something you have wanted to try. This is the time to decide.

That’s why I wanted to encourage you to reexamine your business model. A lot of you are in a place that you’re doing one-on-one service-based businesses. Your bold move in the new year is that you are eventually going to transition and let go of all of your one-on-one clients and move into selling online courses.