5 Reasons to Hire a Business Coach

Even though I am a business coach, I have always been one to continuously invest in myself and I can honestly say that will never change. Since starting my business I have invested in plenty of online courses, tools like ConvertKit, Clickfunnels, and a Mastermind.

Prior to working with my coach, I was extremely nervous to spend so much money on business coaching. I was in the beginning stages of my business but I knew I was ready to take it to the next level.  And I was sick of buying course after course, and never finishing them or implementing what I was actually learning.  I was in research mode! It wasn’t until I hired a coach that kept me accountable and gave me PROVEN strategies to implement, did my business take off!  The money spent was well worth the value I received from my coach. 

You want to GROW your online business.

This was one of the main reasons why I hired a business coach. Although I had all the main strategies and steps in place to launch my business, I was ready for my first BIG launch.  I wanted help with things like Facebook Ads, Sales Funnels and clarifying my offer. As a new online business owner there are a lot of things I didn’t know, so having guidance from someone who has had their own success was crucial for me to get on the right path.

You need CLARITY on what steps to take.

This was HUGE for me!  Like I said, I had downloaded so many freebies and purchased so many online courses, but I still wasn’t sure what step to take next.  All of those things left me MORE and MORE confused.  And, I was stuck in research and learning mode.  I wasn’t actually implementing and doing the things I needed to grow my online business.  By hiring a coach, I was able to map out the EXACT tasks I needed to do to launch my online business.  I knew exactly what I needed to do each day and what my goals were for each quarter.  It felt amazing to finally have direction in my business! 


There can be a lot of mindset issues for online entrepreneurs as they enter this online space. Things such as money blocks, low confidence, comparing yourself to others and so many more.  It’s so helpful to have a business coach to help you recognize these blocks and to start taking the steps needed to move forward.

Support and Encouragement is KEY

My business coach is really one of my BIGGEST advocates. She referred me to new clients, cheered for me when I had successes, and helped me guide me when I needed it.  Having someone believe in you, especially during the beginning stages of your business, is crucial because this is when you need support and encouragement the most.

Accountability is a MUST

You may have a ton of great ideas but they never come to fruition because you aren’t holding yourself accountable to complete them. Your business coach will typically give you assignments to complete each time you meet so that you’re continuously working towards your goals and working to make your business GROW.

Final Thoughts

Having a business coach is truly the key to success in this online space.  I will ALWAYS have a coach as I know it is an integral part to the continued growth of my business.