I cried on my way to work every morning.

I knew my 9 to 5 was stressing me out because I literally would cry on my way to work, you know, it's just, like, you know that feelings is so wrong.

And the online business was hard, but it was also, and it was learning, I didn't know anything, so it was completely new to me, but I also found that motivating, and kind of inspiring, because I was learning something new.

I had been in my last corporate job for 12 years, so it just became kinda boring, but I felt like, I always knew it was the right thing to do, and as, like, the next thing came up, as the next coach that I found, or the next group program that I found, it always just felt right, like it was the next step.

Of course you always have those thoughts, should I really spend this much, or should I do this, but it just, it just always felt right.

And there were things that didn't feel right that I didn't do, or sometimes, you know, when you're like, should I have done that?

But I mean, it always works out. If you listen to Abraham Hicks she says: everything's always working out for you, and that you're on the path that you're supposed to be on.