How To Find The PERFECT Business Idea

Struggling to find the perfect online business idea?

The key to finding your own online business idea is to take a look at your passions. Determine what makes you happy and what you are good at and find an overlap.

Whether you are currently working a 9 to 5 or staying at home with your kids, starting an online business will take a lot of your time upfront. To make it work,  you are going to have to be extremely passionate about your business from the start.

There are a few key questions to ask yourself as you begin on this journey. Find some quiet time and sit down with a pen and paper or a journal. I am a big believer in writing by hand when you are brainstorming, as it helps to clear out the corners of your brain and really get focused.

Ask the important questions:

First, what do you enjoy doing? It could be writing, a creative hobby, bookkeeping,  project management type tasks or administrative tasks. Write down a list, make it long - at least 10 things.

Second, think about what you are GOOD at doing. These things might not overlap, and thats ok! I am good at bookkeeping, but I don’t enjoy it! If you have trouble coming up with things, ask your partner, a close friend or co-worker what they think you are good at.  You might be surprised by the answer!

The next question is what do others ask YOU for help with? It could be that you always get asked for advice on a particular subject, or people ask you to help with a certain task. These are the things that other people view you as an expert on, and something to highly consider when you are trying to come up with your online business idea.

The last question to consider is what makes you happy. You already thought about what things you enjoy doing, but what else makes you happy? A feeling? Being alone?

Now put all these answers together.  Look for overlaps or things that could be combined to create a business. Do you enjoy writing, give great relationship advice and enjoy being alone? Maybe you should start writing a relationship blog. Are you good at creative work, design or photoshop?  Maybe you create websites or logos for online entrepreneurs?