Handing In Your Two Week Notice

A lot of people are doing work that’s no longer fulfilling them. It’s really just that job where they go and get the paycheck, but they’re miserable. Corporate exit strategist Amy Coats believes that also bleeds into other relationships as well which can be an issue. Amy says the online space has a low-entry-fee. You can easily get a Facebook page if you need to, get started, and start helping people in a more fulfilling way. She shares the reasons why a lot of women are handing in their two-week notice in corporate America and why more and more are getting into online businesses.

Handing In Your Two-Week Notice with Amy Coats

On this episode, I have with me Amy Coats and she is the Founder of Two Week Notice Society. She helps corporate women get their online businesses up and running so they can leave their 9 to 5 and be the women they dream of becoming.

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Amy Coats is an Entrepreneur, Corporate Exit Strategist, CFO, and founder of Virtual COO Solutions & Two Week Notice Society. After 20 years in the corporate 9 to 5 world, she realized she was destined for something far more satisfying.

But it wasn't enough for her to find her happy place in the world. She created Two Week Notice Society to empower women who feel the same way she did when she left the 9 to 5 grind and started her entrepreneurial journey. She is passionate about helping corporate women get their online businesses up and running, so they can leave their 9-5 and be the woman they dream of becoming! Her strategies contain the exact steps she followed to make it to the other side and love life all over again.

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Morning Routine For Successful Entrepreneurs

When I was in my 9 to 5 and READY to leave and go out on my own, I used to dread mornings.

Everything changed once I started re-evaluating my mindset and goals. I read 2 books that significantly changed the way I looked at mornings and how they fit into creating a life I wanted to live.  Those books are The 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins and The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod. The 5 Second Rule helped me create the mindset I needed to adopt to start getting things done. The Miracle Morning covered the technical aspects and helped me to create a routine. I highly suggest reading them if you’re looking to make a big change in your life.

My mornings to myself are now something I truly look forward to everyday. Some days are harder than others, but now I’m at a place where I can’t believe how much more I’m able to accomplish. I have gone from scrambling out of bed (in a bad mood) at 6:45 am, to popping out of bed to get started on my day at 5:00 am! This is an extra 10 hours during the weekdays! Crazy right?  While I was still in my 9 to 5, this allowed me to work on my side hustle in the morning before I even went to work. This allowed me more time and freedom after work.

If you want to start accomplishing your goals so you can create a life you love, it’s necessary to establish a regimented morning routine. Your mind is the most clear and uninterrupted in the mornings, so even waking up 30 minutes to an hour earlier everyday can lead to huge results.

Having a an effective, productive and amazing morning routine consisting of effective habits will ensure you start the day right.

Studies have shown that high achievers in life tend to have strict morning rituals which they religiously follow.

When you start your day right, you are mentally, physically and emotionally on a good footing. You are putting yourself in a successful and productive frame of mind to tackle what lies ahead.

So here are some morning rituals you can structure into your own day to get you started right:

Start your day in a great mood

Your mood in the morning sets the tone for the entire day.

How many of you are already moaning and groaning about the day ahead before you’ve even fully opened your eyes?

The Law of Attraction talks about how our subconscious minds are still extremely active just as we are waking up. It is the best time to inject some feel-good stuff into your minds before your feet even hits the floor.

Some people do that through gratitude exercises, positive affirmations or a very quick meditation.

Others do a brain dump in their journal. It’s a great way of emptying the stuff in your heads.

Some people need to go to the gym. Others take the time to make breakfast and read the papers, it’s therapeutic for them.

So think of whatever feels good for you and do a little bit of that in the morning before you start your engines.

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Don’t Check Your Email In The First Hour Of Waking

How many of us lie in bed just as we wake up and go through our inboxes? *Raises hand sheepishly*

Well, it’s time to stop doing that.

Studies have shown that doing that doesn’t put you in the best state – mentally and emotionally.

Checking emails stresses you out. Because when we do that – our minds are already racing through the day, we are already thinking of what we need to do. Things are already in motion and we have to race to catch up.

You don’t want to start the day feeling frazzled, frustrated or anxious.

Checking emails first thing also leaves you in a very reactive state.

You’ve started reacting with what the world throws at you and then just keep reacting to whatever lands on your plate.

Do this too often and it leaves you too exhausted to work on what you wanted to.

Have something to look forward to

Something joyful that is.

Go to sleep the previous night thinking (and hopefully dreaming) of it.

Joyful anticipation boosts your happiness by tenfold as it gives us loads of pleasure imagining future happy events.

Not scheduled anything happy? No worries.

Just plan something joyful into your day!

It could be something simple, like getting a latte from your favorite coffee shop, catching up with friends or just lying on your couch with Netflix as company.

Do something you dread

Yes you heard me right. In the mornings, our willpower and self-control is at its highest. It’s the best time to get those dreaded tasks out of your way.

Our willpower is like a battery, it drains quickly. Leaving dreaded and difficult tasks to the end of the day makes it more likely that you will completely skip it altogether.

And that then triggers guilt, unhappiness and anxiety.

Tackling the dreadful stuff early in the day gives you a motivational boost.

Once those pesky things are cleared out of the way, it makes the rest of your day feel comparatively lighter.


The benefits of mediation are plentiful.

Meditating at the start of the day empties your mind. You start the day feeling focused, refreshed and relaxed.

Daily meditations are part of my list of morning habits, and I’ve already noticed some changes. I am calmer, more present and I tend to take things in my stride. I am no longer anxious, irritable and frazzled when I awake.

Meditation sessions don’t have to take hours – though if you prefer longer sessions, go for it! They can be as short as 5 to 20 minutes.

You can hit up YouTube for some great meditation playlists.  If you prefer apps – Calm and Headspace are great ones you can explore.

Give thanks, show gratitude

Like meditation, showing gratitude for the amazing things in our lives is a practice that has tons of benefits.

You can give thanks for anything – for the sunshine, for the good night’s rest, or even for being alive to get through another day!

Showing gratitude has been a great addition to my morning routine.

Having done this for awhile, I’ve found that I now have a greater tendency to see the good in the bad, to be more positive and present in the moment. I have a lower tendency to take things for granted.

Positive affirmations and visualisations

Do it in the mirror. Or write it down.

“Today will be a fantastic day.” “I am open to receiving any sort of opportunities that come my way today.” “I am amazing!” “I am beautiful!”. Whatever uplifts you and encourages you

Some people write pages and pages of these. I have a handy list in my phone. Whenever life is starts to suck a bunch of lemons, I pull up the list.

It has been very effective in switching my perspective and emotion state – almost immediately.  I’ve recently tried this daily and it has made a huge difference to how I feel.

Others positively affirm their day by visualising all the good stuff that will unfold in the day ahead. This process does not have to take long – 5 minutes is sufficient.

Get some exercise

Or just move around in some way.

Exercising releases endorphins and makes us feel good, more awake and less distracted throughout the day.

Working out in the morning also helps to boost metabolism, allowing us to burn more calories throughout the day.

Again, your exercise routine does not have to be long and drawn-out, doing some simple stretching exercise or light routines that don’t require weights are also great.

I personally go to OrangeTheory in the mornings.  It’s a great way to get my blood pumping and energy levels high to start my day!

Plan your day the night before

This always make me feel so much more organized and relaxed when I wake up the next day. I know exactly what I have to do. I use my 90x goal setting planner to do this.

Ladies, this goes for your outfits too. Plan what you’d like to wear the next day and have it all in the same area, so you aren’t scrambling around looking for your skirt or earrings.

Deciding what you want to do before you start the day means you start the day knowing exactly what you have to do.

Planning beforehand removes the cognitive load on your mind to have to think through choices and make decisions first thing in the morning. It frees up your mind and you are more at ease.

Get enough sleep

A great day starts the night before.

It starts with having quality, restful sleep.

Make sure that you have sufficient hours of quality sleep, that you are in a sleeping environment that is cool and dark and that you aren’t checking your laptops/phones just before bed.

It’s best that all these electronic devices are left outside of the bedroom – and not right beside you! – so you won’t be able to make a habit out of checking your emails or whatever just as you wake up.

Listen to podcasts

It’s a great way to start the day, positive and calm.

I listen to podcasts when I’m running errands, doing dishes, getting ready in the morning...pretty much all the time!

The great thing about podcasts is that it’s accessible, you can find anything on any topic you like, and you are able to learn new stuff very quickly. No need to lug books around!

Drink water

Warm water – plain – or lemon water is known to have health benefits. From helping you lose weight, to preventing premature aging to improving blood circulation and lots more.

I start each morning with a glass of warm water with some lemon.

I think it’s a great morning habit especially since our bodies have been without it for many hours as we slept.

Start the day before everyone else

Wake up before everyone else is up.

For some reason, when you start the day before everyone, you are able to buckle down, focus and end up getting lots of things done.

It’s not like you are getting more hours than the rest of the human race, but it just feels that way for some reason.

Also, you get an amazing sense of accomplishment when you’ve already ticked stuff off your checklist before the day has even started.

How To Make Sunday Your Most Productive Day

Most people think of Sunday as the last day to relax before heading back to work or school. Instead, think of Sunday as the first chance to prepare yourself for the week’s tasks. Monday mornings will feel WAY less dreadful and less overwhelming because you’ve already got yourself into the mindset. I do just about everything I can on Sundays to make sure that the rest of the week will be smooth sailing.


I don’t know about you, but having a messy house just gives me the anxiety and more frustration come Monday morning. Even if you just devote 20 minutes of your Sunday to cleaning and tidying up, you’ll see a great improvement in your stress levels on Monday.

One thing that I find really helps is making sure that my bathroom is organized and everything is where it needs to be.

I also like to make sure the kitchen is clean and dishes are put away. It’s so much more relaxing to wake up to a clean kitchen, than one with dishes in the sink!


If you work a typical 9-5 job, chances are most of the emails you receive Friday night through Sunday are personal and junk mail as opposed to work emails. I like to clean those out on Sunday night so I can sit down Monday morning and only have to deal with new work emails. It helps me jump into work a lot faster when I’m not having to filter through junk emails. Plus I have a lot more patience on Sunday evening than I do on Monday morning when I’m tired and slightly annoyed about the weekend already being over!


Did you know that money is one of the biggest stressors for so many people? I know that it sounds boring, but budgeting is one of the best things you can do for your Monday morning stress.

Also, knowing your budget will allow you to plan for other things in your week better, such as social gatherings, gifts, and gas to get yourself to work and even your morning Starbucks run!


When it comes to having a more productive week, this is where it’s at. Seriously. Having these tasks planned out before the week starts will allow you to jump right into them Monday morning. I’m definitely a pen and paper kinda girl when it comes to keeping track of my to-do’s. Because of this, I LOVE the 90x Goal Planner. You can also find several different types of planners on Etsy.  There are daily planners, weekly planners, meal planners, and just about anything else that might help make your week more productive!


This is something I did when I was working my 9 to 5 and working my side hustle in the mornings before work and at night after work.  I had NO time to think about what I was going to wear.

Plan your outfits and arrange them in your closet so they are easy to grab.  BONUS: Plan out your workout outfits too!


As much as I love cooking, it’s not efficient to be cooking every single day…for every single meal…For most people, that’s simply not feasible. So instead, people end up eating out or eating junk food. 🙁

That’s where meal planning can save the day…(or week…)

You can save so much time and money by meal planning for the week on Sundays! Not to mention, it’s also easier to eat healthier when you plan ahead!

Meal planning can seem a little complicated or overwhelming for some, but it’s really not that bad…You don’t have to spend all day in the kitchen (unless you want to 🙂 )…

When starting off with meal planning, you can simply cook what you normally would in bigger batches that can last for the entire week.

Even if you don’t want to get your hands dirty in the kitchen, you can still plan the meals without actually cooking…

If you simply want to outline what you’ll eat for each meal, that can save lots of time! Even if you just prep your meals, think of how much time that’ll save you during the week!


A great way to ease your stress during the week and increase your productivity is to plan out your week in advance.

What better day to do this than Sunday?

On Sundays, you can plan and review your goals for the week, plan your tasks for each day, and even plan your outfits for the week.

This can really help you to stay focused during the week and work more efficiently.

The fewer decisions you have to make during the week, the better. Decision fatigue is actually a real concept.


There’s no better way to sleep to fall asleep on a Sunday night other than with a clean pair of sheets and some comfy pjs. Washing your sheets on Sunday will help you have a little extra motivation to make your bed in the morning, and it will also help you get a better night sleep to boot! While you’re at it, you should also make sure that those other piles of laundry you’ve been ignoring get done too!


Hopefully, you found these tips helpful! As you can see, we can make our Sundays way more productive if we just do a little planning, without sacrificing our fun! You don’t have to say goodbye to Sunday Funday! What are some ways that you make your Sundays more productive?

Discover Your Purpose and Do What You LOVE!

When your values are clear to you, making decisions becomes easier. – Roy Disney

If you seek greater meaning and purpose in your life, you’ve come to the right place! It’s my hope, that with our support, you too will give yourself permission to invest in yourself, your dreams and your future.  If you’ve been stuck in a 9 to 5 that doesn’t fulfill, and you dream of leading a purposeful and joyful life, this is for YOU!

How Do You Fill Your Space?

Look around your home, your office, and any other physical environments where you spend time. You’ve naturally filled these spaces with things that represent what you highly value. Identify the objects that mean the most to you, and think about how they demonstrate your values.

For example; your living room might have books, magazines, or newspapers on topics that interest you; trophies and awards from sports or academics; posters or artwork that inspires you; or framed photos of your family, friends or partner.

Examine your surroundings and ask yourself how the objects you see reveal what you hold dear. What do you learn about yourself based on your possessions?

What you truly care about will be on display for you (and the world) to see.

How Do You Spend Your Time?

You make time for your highest values but tend to put off what is lowest. Observe how you currently carve up your day and note what you do and how long you do it. What do you spend the most amount of time on? What do you spend your time doing every chance you get?

A lot of people tell me (or themselves) that their highest value is something other than what it really is because of what they think it “should” be. Realize that just because something is seemingly important, isn’t necessarily what you highly value. This doesn’t mean that you completely disregard it; it just may not be your TOP value.

Sometimes we put other people on pedestals and inject THEIR values onto OUR lives, we try to live according to who THEY are, instead of honoring OUR authentic self. Even if you don’t recognize this, you’ll still live according to your own higher values, but you’ll feel unfulfilled and uninspired because you’ll have unrealistic expectations.

Ask yourself how you actually allocate the hours of your day. What is so important that you make time for it every day because it fulfills you? And also note what comes in 2nd and 3rd.

How Do You Spend Your Energy?

When you do what you love, you feel energized and pumped. However, you feel tired whenever you’re doing something associated with a lower value because you can’t see how it helps you fulfill what is most important to you. Which activities and tasks do you have plenty of energy for? What makes you come alive?

Ask yourself: Where do I love to spend most of my energy during the day, week, or month? What do I love to focus on and pour myself into? When you’re doing what you love and loving what you do, you need less sleep and express more vitality. You consistently have the energy for your highest values.

How Do You Spend Your Money?

How you spend has nothing to do with how much money you make; it has everything to do with your priorities. Many people who have earned meager salaries still found ways to save and eventually amassed quite a bit of wealth. Likewise, many who have raked in millions, put away a little of it (purchasing houses, cars, yachts, clothes etc.) did so because what they bought was connected to their highest values.

What do you do with your money? Do you spend it on clothes, education, or travel? Do you throw parties or buy rounds of drinks when you’re out? Do you save money so you can eventually attain specific things, such as a car or a house?

Where Are You Most Organized?

Your areas of highest value will be the most ordered parts of your life, containing little or no chaos. However, you need the motivation to get you to take care of your lower values, the areas where you are less organized.

What aspects of your life are you most organized? That is, where do things run smoothly, with the greatest amount of detail? These areas demonstrate that they are high values. Where you experience chaos and disorganization, however, reveals the areas that are low in your values hierarchy.

Where Are You Most Disciplined?

You can easily focus on what you truly care about. Whenever you label yourself as someone who is undisciplined, unsettled, or flighty, you know that this indicates that what you’re doing isn’t something that ranks high in your hierarchy of values.

When you work toward achieving your genuine goals you’ll be naturally disciplined and enthusiastic!

Where are you most disciplined? That is, where do you show up and take action every time without fail? What can other people always count on you to do? Where are you consistently on-task and totally accountable?

What Do You Think About?

When something is a high value for you, it fills up time and space in your mind; in other words, you frequently think about what is most important to you. Your thoughts will always naturally drift to your highest values.

What do you think about most? when your mind wanders, where does it go? When you’re contemplative what do you see in your mind’s eye? The consistent long-term thoughts and musings indicate your highest values.

What Do You Visualize?

In your mind, you envision something for yourself. You have a dream about how you’d love your life to unfold, and you focus on it regularly. These images and real-life plans reveal what you care most about.

What do you imagine for yourself? What’s your vision? When you daydream about the future, what’s your recurring theme? Your visualizations express your highest values and what you’re most focused on bringing into reality.

How Do You Talk to Yourself?

You, like everyone else, engage in self-talk, words that have the ability to build you up or tear you down. Through both of these sides, you engage in an ongoing, internal dialogue regarding your highest values.

What do you talk to yourself about most? What is the subject or topic that pops up frequently during your internal dialogue?

Remember that what you talk about reflects what’s truly important to you and what you’d love to create more of or find a way to achieve.

What Do You Talk to Other People About?

When it comes to your highest values, you become extroverted. In other words, you love talking to other people about what inspires you. You may even notice a tendency to bring conversations around to the topics that matter most to you.

When you find someone who has similar values, you’ll often find that you can stay up late talking about your common interests. On the other hand, when you are conversing with someone whose values clash with yours, you might find that you both try to change the subject or even avoid chatting with one another.

When you meet someone new, what do you find yourself discussing? What conversations captivate you for the longest periods? What could you easily stay up all night talking about?

What Inspires You?

Throughout your life, you’ve had experiences that profoundly inspired you. They may have even been so moving that they brought tears to your eyes. Whether they’ve been initiated by others or yourself, and regardless of when they took place, these events opened your mind and heart to the possibilities of fulfilling what is truly most important in your life.

Often your heroes have been those who have demonstrated the values that hold the most meaning for you. Recall the moments or situations when you were deeply inspired, and look for commonalities among them. What is the theme? What truly inspires you? When you uncover this, you can determine what is highest on your list of values.

What Are Your Goals?

Take a moment right now and make a list of your current goals. What are you working toward? Consider what you would most like to be, do or have in your life. Which of your goals are most meaningful and important? What are your Top 3 goals for the future? What are the most consistent, long-term aspirations you’ve worked toward? Are they manifesting in your reality right now?

You can discover your highest values by examining what you fill your space with; how you spend your time, energy, and money; where you’re most organized and disciplined; what you think about and visualize; what you talk to yourself and others about; what inspires you; and what your top goals are.

Your highest value will be the same as what you perceive as most “missing” in your life. Your hierarchy of values reflects what is truly important to you right now. What you think your values are and what they actually are can be two very different things. Your hierarchy of values will change throughout your life as you fulfill what is most important to you. You’ll never run out of voids or values.

Follow Your Bliss

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Turning Your Side Hustle into a Full-Time Business

Many of my clients say, I don't want to be the employee anymore. I've been an employee for 10, 20 or 30 years of my life.

Let me tell you - This should be the fuel for you that's driving you.

It's that pain that will force the action and right now use it like -  I am DONE with this.

I am no longer tolerating being an employee and let that be the driving force for you.

Do you want to go back to that job? Is that what you want more of? Is that what you want to stay with? Where you want to be 10 years from now? HECK NO! Let's do something about it!

So then they say, I'm scared. Okay. Amy, I'm scared. I'm scared of what's out in front of me and I get overwhelmed.

Overwhelmed. It's just another form of fear, right?

Because you're afraid, afraid you’re not going to get it all. Be able to do it all. Do it the way you’re supposed to be doing it.

Are you going to be focused on being more afraid of all of that's out there on the uncertainty of what lies ahead when you should probably be more afraid of still being in this job 10 years from now and nothing else has changed in your life?

Isn't that it? Isn't it? If we're being honest, isn't that more scary? Your situation has gotten worse and still hasn't changed 10 years from now, 2030, right? That’s a much worse situation!

That’s where I think anger and fear can be a good thing. It can be this compelling force -  because I can feel it when my clients say - I’m done with my 9 to 5.

Use that fear and anger to propel you forward because that fear is stronger than the fear you have of stepping outside of your comfort zone in this business.

So now every day is a choice. It's a decision, Am I going to go the path of staying in my current situation and be here in next 10 years or am I going to go towards my dreams?

Because I am choosing to not get outside of my comfort zone.

I am choosing overwhelm, which by the way it's a choice.

Because look, there's some safety in that, like you kind of get to get off the hook because like, well, it doesn't appear that way. But’s it’s easy to just say, I'm overwhelmed, therefore I won't do anything. We don't actually do anything in overwhelm. There's, there's no act. When you feel overwhelmed, you don't take any action.


So, in a lot of ways it's like this protection mechanism. Well, I'm overwhelmed so I'm not going to do that thing that scares me - is kind of what's happening subconsciously. Right?

But behind that, now you know what's on the line, it's 10 more years of this previous life that you're like, hell no, we won't go. Right?

And if you choose, that can be extremely powerful driver. That's what's on the line and that's the choice moment by moment.

That's a lot of what drove me was I was in my 9 to 5 and I knew I couldn’t be there another year.  I cried every single day driving to work. That fueled me because I was like, something's got to change. This is not the rest of my life. And for the rest of you, something else that can fuel you is being reminded of your mortality.

Something to kind of think about -  we don't have forever.

We're all gonna kick the bucket eventually and we don't know if it's tomorrow. You know, there's just no certainty in that. And so we just always assume, because there was a today, yesterday, there was a today that we assume there'll be a tomorrow - you're making an assumption, you're making a big assumption, right? And so we're like, well, you know, there's always the future and we just put off our life and our dreams onto the future.

And when I find myself not stepping up and playing as big as I can from where I know how to, I remind myself of my mortality. If this were the last week I were alive, would I have said I played all out or would I be reserving some.

What are you reserving it for?

What are you holding?

What are you waiting for?

What are you conserving yourself for?

Or are you saying, can I just give it all I got this week?

And even when you're like, okay, I'll give it all I got, you do it and you're like, I could have totally given more, which is always another. That's a funny concept.

You Can Make A Full Time Income Doing What You Love

If you want to go from the person that is overworked and underpaid, to the person who is a successful online business owner, then you need to start BEING that person first.

You can’t wait until have the successful online business - because it will never happen.

You need to commit to BEING that person first.

For example, it would be like waiting until you’re in shape, before you go to the gym or sign up to work with a personal trainer.

Tune in for more on this and you can BECOME the person you need to be to leave your 9-5

You don’t have to waste time and money on ineffective strategies or being mentored by someone that has never had a 9 to 5 job.

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2 Simple Questions To Help You Leave Your 9 to 5 Job

So you want to quit your 9-5 job and an be a full-time entrepreneur?

You've wished for it, prayed for it.

If you're like me and many of my clients, you've had a loop in your head going for years now. You've even felt desperate at times, wishing for a layoff (so you could collect unemployment and use that safety net to grow your business) or maybe even something more drastic, like a hospital stay--anything to keep you from having to keep walking in every day to a soul-sucking job.

Maybe you're looking around at other people who have successfully quit (or seeing the Facebook ads or watch entrepreneurs on Instagram) and you're wondering, "Why can't I do that too? What's wrong with me?"

Maybe you have a list of "reasons" why you can't, reasons like:

  • "I need that steady income."

  • "I need the benefits and the health insurance."

  • "I might fail spectacularly."

  • "I wish I could quit my job, but I just can't see how."

  • "It's not practical."

  • "I'm scared." (Note: this is the biggest reason most people don't leave, whether they realize it or not)

Two simple questions can change how you think, and therefore, the actions you take, so that you can get out of your job and create and run the business you're passionate about full-time.

1. "What if it IS possible?

Instead of saying, "I wish I could quit my job!", "THAT would be nice," or telling yourself "They must have some advantage that I don't since they have and I haven't," start asking yourself "What if it IS just as possible for me?"

What if those I see doing it aren't lucky or special, but they started to ask themselves how to make it possible, and then they found the answer to their own questions?

What if, like Tony Robbins said, they "ask better questions, and as a result, they get better answers"?

It all starts with you believing it's possible and getting yourself in the driver's seat, rather than looking for all of the reasons it's not.

On the heels of opening yourself up to that possibility for you is the next, more practical question:

2. "How can I?"

So, if you're starting to believe that it's it's possible for you, too, then how could you make that work?

What would that look like first?

Then what?

I wrote a blog post recently about the top 3 strategies to replace your income so you can quit your job, so maybe that's your next step.

Or maybe it's to set up an in-person or virtual coffee date with someone you've seen succeeding as an entrepreneur and ask them how to get started. Most entrepreneurs had someone help them along the way, and they're passionate about spreading the entrepreneurial spirit, so you shouldn't have to look to far to get some great advice from someone who's actually doing it about exactly how you can, too.

No matter what your next step is, these questions are about training your brain, which has been mired in employee mindset, to start looking for possibilities, which is integral to the entrepreneur's mindset.

Change your inner narrative with these two simple questions, and your behavior will shift, too.

No more, "Must be nice for them!" Now it's time to start asking yourself, "What if it's possible for me too?"

And, since you believe it is, "How can I?" And watch what opens up for you.

Escape The Employee Mindset

Many of you know my story, so I’ll just tell you the summary here –> I stumbled upon the online business world during a time I was miserable in my 9 to 5, and even though at the time, I had no idea what it would all entail, I was determined to give it my all.

I dove in, like many people do, but I was quickly hit with the realization that I didn’t have the right mindset for success on my own. I would literally have to change who I was BEING.

I knew nothing about online business, I had no social media account, and I was a total introvert.

But to be successful in online business, I knew I’d have to put myself out there. On pretty much every level using “shy” as an excuse wasn’t going to cut it.

I had to learn and cultivate the mindset of figure it out, girl.
I had to figure out how to go on coffee dates as a “shy introvert”.
I had to figure out how to show up on Facebook Live.
I had to figure out how the heck to sell!

So you know the rest of the story, right? I figured it out (and still am every single day)! I learned and most importantly, I practiced. I started to become the person who ALREADY WAS THE PERSON I WAS TRYING TO BE.

The more you accomplish, the more you realize that you can accomplish more.

This is the magic of shifting your mindset; you take action and figure it out along the journey.

Let me be real with you for a second; with all the success I’ve had, I thought I knew a lot about business! But when I launched an online business from scratch and wow, that was an entirely different ballgame.

I spent nights and weekends learning sales funnels, how to build a website, how to hire (and fire) team members, and the intense and vulnerable skillset of creating my own products. It was hard, girl, and it’s still hard. But in the process, I’ve created a woman and a mission and a community that I’m proud of.

My mission is to empower you to chase the whisper and that starts with shifting your mindset. Skills are something you can pick up along the way…that’s actually the easy part! The mindset, though, is where the magic is.

That’s why I created this video to help you develop the mindset to take you from where you are now to where you want to go.

I’m sharing how I went from employee to entrepreneur in just 6 months, in my free Live Training, “How to Replace Your 9 to 5 Income With Your Coaching or Serviced Based Online Business!”

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✨How to prepare to leave your 9 to 5.
✨When to know you are ready for entrepreneurship (without risking it all!)
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I cried on my way to work every morning.

I knew my 9 to 5 was stressing me out because I literally would cry on my way to work, you know, it's just, like, you know that feelings is so wrong.

And the online business was hard, but it was also, and it was learning, I didn't know anything, so it was completely new to me, but I also found that motivating, and kind of inspiring, because I was learning something new.

I had been in my last corporate job for 12 years, so it just became kinda boring, but I felt like, I always knew it was the right thing to do, and as, like, the next thing came up, as the next coach that I found, or the next group program that I found, it always just felt right, like it was the next step.

Of course you always have those thoughts, should I really spend this much, or should I do this, but it just, it just always felt right.

And there were things that didn't feel right that I didn't do, or sometimes, you know, when you're like, should I have done that?

But I mean, it always works out. If you listen to Abraham Hicks she says: everything's always working out for you, and that you're on the path that you're supposed to be on.