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I Help High Achievers Quit The 9-5 And Use Their Skills To Build A Profitable Business!

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Amy Coats - Two Week Notice Society.

I'm Amy Coats

I'm a Business Strategist Consultant and Online Educator who teaches women how to make a full-time income in their side business so they can leave their 9 to 5. I've helped hundreds of students, including health coaches, business coaches, and consultants, and shown them how to grow a businesses that generates anywhere from $3K to $50K in a matter of months.

My signature approach helps women build a profitable and sustainable business before leaving their 9 to 5 job.


What My Community is Saying...


Juju | Entrepreneur, Trainer, and Coach

I have established a mission statement and I am now going to put it into action by launching my FIRST EVER group coaching program in Jan! I know WHO my ideal client is and the problem I'm solving. Thanks to excellent coaches and inspirational women like you, I have accomplished more in the last 3 months than last 3 years !!!!!!!!!!!!, ALL BC OF WOMEN LIKE you Amy Coats…


Amy Jordan | Motivational Speaker

I hope everyone who wants to go out on their own takes this course! The thought of people spending time day after day at a place they don’t want to be makes me sad.

Life shouldn’t be that way.


Teri | Transformational Coach

I just wanted to thank you! I really think it was the jump start I needed at the time! I have been thinking a lot about what we chatted about, and so much clarity about some future projects has been on my heart, and I am excited for my future!


Mildred | Redefining Success

I was new to the online business coaching world...but had BIG dreams. I struggled with narrowing down my ideal client and knowing what my area of focus would be.

I am most proud of that I accomplished: from my first freebie; to my first landing page and most of all the fact that I am now launching my first ever FB Challenge. Thanks for your patience and guidance Amy :)

I am so proud of all my first encounters! One other 'first' I'm proud of is that Amy was my first ever Business Coach. Though I had to get over my many fears and reservations of having a coach. I felt a true connection from my first encounter with Amy as a Featured Guest in a FB Group. I'm proud to say I'm on the right path to accomplishing my goal of ditching my 9-to-5 in the near future. I enjoyed all our sessions together and I'll forever be grateful for your guidance input, as it has set me on a sure path to my coaching success! :)


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